Weekend trip to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a great city that combines many appealing aspects of Scandinavia. Its location by the sea calls into mind its Viking past, the cycling locals, and their comfortable lifestyle, which remind us of the Scandinavian welfare state. Its modern design and architecture showcase the famous Scandinavian minimalist style. Copenhagen has it all for lovers of culture, history, art, gastronomy, and nightlife.

Where to stay

As the Danish capital and a well-known tourist destination, there are plenty of hotels or short-term rentals. However, if you are visiting during the colder months, which cover pretty much most of the year from October to April, you may want to warm yourself up in a sauna or a jacuzzi. A spa hotel in copenhagen is a great choice for combining an active city holiday with perfect relaxation.

Eating and drinking

Copenhagen is a food lover’s mecca, whose best-known attraction is the noma, a three Michelin-star restaurant selected numerous times as the world’s best. But no need to worry if top restaurants are outside your price range since Copenhagen has an incredibly rich restaurant scene for all tastes and budgets.

How to plan your trip

When planning for an expedition to Copenhagen, it is in your best interests to seek advice from locals, whose tips extend beyond the generic tourist sights. Copenhagen is much more than the little mermaid statue or Viking history, so spend time reading travel guides or browsing travel websites to make the most of your stay.