EU Keen Keen On Plans to Open Up To Tourists

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has been detrimental to the tourism industry worldwide; the EU is no exception. But the good thing is that there is light at the end of the corner thanks to containment measures, and notably, the vaccines.

In the latest news, the European Union plans to open up borders to allow foreign tourists from June 2021. This is good news for any holidaymakers wishing to spend their summers in the EU destinations. The plans for reopening will be a huge boost to the stricken tourism industry.

At the moment, visitors from seven non-EU countries only are allowed to enter the EU for non-essential travel as long as they show a negative Coronavirus test and are ready to quarantine first. There are plans for a digital certificate issued to those who have been vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus, those with a negative test, or recently recovered patients.

In the new plans, set for debate and approval by the 27 member states of the EU, foreign travelers will need to be fully vaccinated to be allowed in the region.